Potty Training Adventures Part 4

OK, well things have come to grinding halt in the potty training department. Since my last blog entry on the subject we have had wee and poo almost everywhere except in the potty.

She much prefers to carry the potty around and pretend to empty it in the loo or use it as a pretend vehicle or even as a hat rather than actually using it for its designated purpose.

The new favourite toilet place is now the bath and with all that warm water swishing around it is no wonder she prefers it to the cold plastic of the potty.

We have tried to explain to her that one should not “poo in their own nest” but she is yet to grasp that concept. We even ask her before each bath if she needs to poo and the answer is always a firm “No”.

All of her stuffed toys have been to potty training school with her supervision but for some reason she seems a little reluctant to try it herself. We even put the poo from the nappy in the potty so she gets the idea but as we were not fast enough to stop her from using it as a hat straight after then we had to stop that practice.

At least she now tells us after she has been in her nappy so the awareness is definitely there which I suppose is a step in the right direction.

We continue to offer the potty throughout the day and now as summer is approaching we are really pushing the benefits of a no nappy existence.

As mentioned previously we do not want to create too much pressure around toilet issues so we will just have to bide our time and hope she comes around of her own accord.

Until then it’s bath strainers and carpet cleaners…..

Hot tip: Some carpet cleaners can bleach your carpet so spot test before using on a conspicuous area!

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