Keratosis Pilaris – Ask a Naturopath Part 2

Good advice or plain quackery?

Good advice or plain quackery?

I’ve been receiving quite a lot of comments regarding one of my earlier posts about the annoying and supposedly incurable skin condition Keratosis Pilaris.

Many of you have been sharing your own horror stories about this condition and asking where you can find this amazing naturopath of mine.

Others have been skeptical at best and still others have accused me of making absurd assumptions and promoting quackery.

Unfortunately I believe that you may have all missed the point.

The whole point of sharing my experience was not to prove that our Naturopath miraculously cured my daughter of Keratosis Pilaris. The point was that, despite the symptoms and several western physicians diagnosis, she did not have Keratosis Pilaris after all!

In fact if you read the original article you will discover that the diagnosis made by our Naturopath using iridoligy was of a fungal infection of the lungs which presented itself as a itchy, bumpy skin rash on the arms. He was able to cure this rash by treating the fungal infection.

He did not cure Keratosis Pilaris because she did not have Keratosis Pilaris!

From my investigations into the subject I came across an amazing array of possible causes of skin rashes and bumps. Everything from allergic reactions, insect bites, chemical contamination and of course fungal infections can and do produce similar symptoms to Keratosis Pilaris.

Another interesting point to note is that Keratosis Pilaris is generally not particularly harmful, angry, painful or excessively itchy. If anything it is often described as a cosmetic problem and not a serious medical condition at all.

If you or your children do have these other symptoms perhaps it is not KP after all but some other kind of infection/ contamination that can actually be treated and cured once it is correctly diagnosed.

We were not satisfied with the western medical Keratosis Pilaris diagnosis and its subsequent non treatment and so decided to investigate a little further using alternative medicine. By doing so we were able to finally correctly diagnose, treat and cure our little girls skin condition.

For those who have suggested that iridoligy and naturopathy have no scientific backing, all I can say is that the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Iridoligy and naturopathy diagnosed and cured my daughters condition where as western medicine with all of its empirical evidence and scientific backing failed to do so.

For me, results speak much louder than any text books and the smooth skin on her arms and the smile on her face is all the evidence that I need.

Quackity, quack, quack!

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