Hello Parents!

As a stay at home Dad to a two year old daughter I am discovering just how difficult it is to  care for a child.

Even though there is a lot of parenting advice out there sometimes it can be really difficult to find exactly what you need at any given moment.

For the most part I have found the best advice comes from the experiences of other parents just like you so I thought I would share the parenting advice I receive as well as other techniques I have made up along the way and together we can hopefully navigate through this awkward but rewarding time.

The biggest problem I have encountered is that every child and every parent is different and unique. That means that there is no “one size fits all” strategy and subsequently any advice is to be taken as a guide only. This is not particularly helpful when you really just need someone to tell you exactly what you are doing wrong.

Even though all babies are unique, some parenting advice is universal and these are the things that I will try to concentrate on. For example, all babies need food, shelter, clothing and lots of love if they are to develop into happy and healthy kids and adults.

The first three may sound obvious but love I hear you say? Many unfortunate studies have shown that babies who do not receive any love and affection in the early stages of their lives do not develop properly and in fact can actually die.

Nobody knows the exact chemical reasons for this however speculators say that the lack of love and affection causes babies to feel as if they are not wanted in this world and they simply give up living before their little lives have even started. I can’t tell you how sad that makes me. I wish that I could hug them all.

All kids need love and the focus of this site is to not only deliver practical parenting advice on basics like feeding and pooing but also to try to develop some other ways to teach our kids about the rights and wrongs of life with heaps of love and respect for their little developing minds and bodies.

Some of these techniques may seem a little strange sometimes but rest assured I will not publish them unless they have already worked (or been a spectacular failure) for me or for someone else.

If you are looking for advice on how to punish your child or the best way to spank them then you will not find this here. My focus is on positive reinforcement, mutual respect and plenty of love and patience to show our kids the correct ways to behave.

So let’s get the discussion started…



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  1. Jo Hayes says:

    Oh my gosh, i literally had tears of laughter streaming down my face as i read your latest blog post about teaching your little girl about gender differences. Hilarious!!

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