Dad Friendly Toilet

dad friendly toilet

Thank you Mirvac Shopping Center Rhodes

Well it appears that times really are-a-changing and some shopping centers are starting to cater more for dads as carers by introducing Dad friendly toilets.

I can’t tell you how pleased and surprised I was to find a purpose built toilet just for dads and their children.

Ironically I didn’t have my daughter with me at the time.

If you remember I wrote a post a little while ago called  Eek! There’s a Stay at Home Dad in The Ladies! and followed that up with a Discussion On Toilet Training in Public Toilets regarding the problems I was having in finding a suitable toilet for my daughter and I while we were out shopping.

Well I came across this dad friendly toilet the other day in a shopping center in Rhodes in Sydney’s inner west that will eliminate the need for me to be anywhere near the ladies toilets (contrary to what you might believe I don’t actually enjoy being in there).

The best part was that it was not just your normal toilet stall with a little sign on it. It was actually well thought out toilet with an extra large doorway for prams and a little toilet next to the big one just like you see in some of the parent’s rooms.

The only difference was that it was actually in the men’s room so thank you and Congratulations to Mirvac Shopping Mall in Rhodes!

I don’t think you realize how progressive you are by installing this purpose built dad friendly toilet just for dads with their bubs.If only more shopping centers would follow your lead then us dads would not have to put up with the backlash like I received when trying to take my daughter to the toilet in public.

I would be interested to know if there are any others like this around and maybe we can compile a list of all the areas that have excellent facilities to accommodate for dads as carers.

God knows we need all the help we can get….



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  1. Lisa says:

    Whilst I sympathise, there have been too many male creeps molesting kids, women and taking photos in female toilets/showers etc. Also at swimming change rooms. We even have to put up with transgenders at work and elsewhere being allowed in female loos. Putting on a dress does not make them female! That’s why women are so protective. We don’t have enough protection in society already with all the rapists/paedophiles let loose.
    Fight for more Parent/pram friendly facilities because that’s better than putting kids at risk. Some kids go on their own eventually and are not always accompanied by a parent after a certain age. I’m sure you wouldn’t want men in the loo with your daughter when she’s older?

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