Potty training adventures part 3

We’ve had some mild successes over the past few days with our bubs toilet training. Our little one is showing great interest in her new friend the potty or as she calls it “pot pot”.

Every night just before bath time she runs around it looking excited.
“Do you want to go to the toilet honey?” we ask hopefully.
“Yes, Yes” she replies.
“Do you want to sit on the potty?”
“Yes, yes, yes” she says excitedly.

She sits down on it and we all get very excited and clap at how clever she is. Generally we just sit on the potty for a while before getting up, wiping and pretend emptying in the big toilet.

To our delight in the last couple of days she has even managed to do a wee wee in it so things are starting to progress nicely.

Up until this point in time it has only been a night time ritual however this morning when her Mum got her out of bed she requested ” Pot pot?”
“Do you want to go to the toilet?” asksĀ  Mum.
“Yes” she says.
“Do you want to use the potty?”
“Yes” she replies.”Poo”
“Do you want to do a poo?”
“Yes, yes, yes!”
“OK then, let’s go!”

No sooner had Mum removed her nappy and put her on the floor then she raced up to the potty, looking at it excitedly. She circled around it a few times and quick as a flash squatted down right next to it and before we could react she promptly dropped a big poo on the carpet.

She then looked up expectantly at Mum.

“Good effort sweetheart” says Mum.” Maybe next time we can try to get the poo in the potty”
“Yeah” she says

What can you do…?

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