Happy New Year

Happy New Year!Happy New Year!

Yes I know it is a bit late…

After an extended Christmas break we are back and I am looking forward to a whole new year of parenting observations, sweeping statements and unsubstantiated generalizations from the point of view of a Stay at home dad.

As you can see we have changed the header and will be tweaking the look and functionality of the site over the coming months to hopefully make it a little more user friendly.

During this process I have been introduced to a new IT acronym that perfectly describes my situation and that acronym is…P.E.B.C.A.K (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard).

Additionally, I would like to broaden the focus of the site a little by including some of the experiences of other dads as well (both the stay at home dad and the garden variety). If you know of anyone or you are someone who would like to share their unique perspective on parenting then please contact us.

I will continue to post my own parental ponderings and rants as regularly as possible but I would ideally like the site to be a little less about me and a little more about the parental issues surrounding the development and protection of our most valuable resource – our children.

For the sake of our kids I am happy to constantly challenge the parenting status quo and continue to ask the questions that inspire debate and make us examine our own behaviors. It is never too late to learn something and hopefully that way we can all become better custodians of the future generation.

Allrighty enough said. I’m off to find something else to bang on about…

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  1. peekie_78 says:


    Happy New year!!

    Loving reading the blogs… I am all for creating waves for the good of our offspring!

    Bring it on!!


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