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Please like us on Facebook

Please like us on Facebook

Well it looks like this Dad has finally got with the program and organized a Facebook page for Advice from Superdad

I know that I have been uncharacteristically silent the last couple of months but rest assured I have been working behind the scenes on a few things and some of those have been back end website stuff and another being a Facebook page.

Now I have to admit that I am not really a Facebook user in my personal time (what personal time!) however I can see the valuable role it plays in helping people to connect and so I thought it was about time I joined the largest country in the world.

The address is

I will gradually be adding new articles as well as transferring some of the older articles on this site onto the Facebook page until such time as it is up to date so if you like this site then please jump on our facebook page and show your support with a thumbs up!


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