At this point in time I find it necessary to qualify a few points about me and this blog.

The name Superdad is aspirational and ironic not factual. i.e. I would like to be a superdad but I know that I am not.

I am only a beginner with one child who is trying to learn as much about parenting as I can. As someone pointed out the real super dads are the single dads who have to juggle work and child raising duties on their own. No arguments here.

I am not a medical practitioner, a child care expert or even a early childhood teacher. In fact I have no qualifications, not much experience and generally no idea at all!

Almost everything I post here is opinion only and that is generally based on my own hands on experiences and advice that I have received from other parents.

So… Enter at your own risk!

I am however passionate about raising kids in a loving, caring and supportive environment and I am not afraid to voice my opinions on this.

Equally I am not afraid of admitting I am wrong and changing my mind so I encourage you all to add to the knowledge and worth of this site with informative and useful commentary. Maybe we can all learn something?

Alright, enough said. I am off to find some other thought provoking parenting issue to bang on about…

James   xx

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