The Golden Arches

My wife and I very rarely eat fast food and subsequently our little one has not had any exposure to that kind of food either so you can imagine my surprise today when we happen to drive past the famous “Golden arches” and my daughter points up at them and says “Hot chips”.

“What?” I say in disbelief.
“Hot chips” she says again with a grin.
“Hot chips?”
“Where do you get hot chips?” I ask.
She again points up at the famous sign.
“And how do you know that?” I ask.
“Nana Poppy!”
You have really got to watch those grandparents sometimes.

Would you like fries with that..?

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  1. John says:

    Funny, my son started saying “donald’s” when he sees their sign. Without even knowing what they sell he was drawn in simply by how many there are. He also says “Hungry Jacks” when we pass it on the way to Nan & Pop’s house. Guilty of them being called an ice cream shop in this case.

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