Stay At Home Dad – What To Wear Part 2

I’ve been informed that there is another stay at home dad clothing style to add to our burgeoning list that shall now be known as the “Weekend Dad” look.

This look would involve jeans or cargo style shorts teamed with running shoes, dressy type sandals or thongs (Flip Flops). Up top you could wear a polo shirt, T- shirt or even a business shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a couple of buttons undone. Think corporate Dad on Saturday morning taking the kids to sport.

This is a great way to get some use out of your old business shirts and it also means you can wear your shorts and sandals in the summer without feeling like you are using up all your normal weekend casual wear.

I personally think that in this instance you should try to keep your footwear sensible even in summer as although it may be marginally cooler it can be pretty uncomfortable (and dangerous) pushing prams or chasing kids through the sand pit in a pair of thongs or leather sandals.

The sweat factor can destroy this type of footwear pretty quickly too so it’s much better to save them for when you are actually out relaxing somewhere.

Keep ’em coming….

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