Chore Time Can Be Fun.

I have found that including our little girl in all the daily chores that I have to do not only keeps her happy and the both of us busy for the whole day, but can also make chore time a great bonding time.

The best thing about it is that she absolutely loves it. You should see her little face as she looks up while dusting away at a shelf or fluffing up some pillows and the more I encourage her, the more she wants to do.

It seems to make her feel very grown up and useful. Also, she is kept busy doing the things she loves most – imitating us!

In addition it keeps her right next to me the whole time which is great for both of us. She would spend the whole day in my pocket if I let her so by following me around and helping me out makes her feel both secure and important. It also means that I don’t have to worry about where she is or what she is getting into.

You do have to be a little selective in the chores that you both do together as you would not want to have your little one playing with any nasty chemicals or other dangerous stuff. That is why it’s generally best to leave the cleaning of the showers and toilets for when she is asleep.

We both have a really good time singing silly songs about cleaning or making the bed or whatever. This not only helps with the teaching of language and communication skills but also introduces her to general living skills.

Add to this all the tickle and cuddle breaks and it makes chore time a whole lot more fun for both of us as well and the house it spotless when mum comes home and that always makes everyone happy!

The important thing is not the quality of the work (does she really need to dust the cat again?) but the fact that we can spend the day together doing the things that I need to do while keeping her occupied at the same time and without her whinging for attention.

Even though everything takes twice as long it is also twice the fun and it means that the whole day is taken up with the job of child-minding and housework which is what I’m supposed to be doing anyway!

Sorry Oprah, I’m too busy…

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