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OK Stay at home dads,

I know that we are a solitary bunch, most of us in hiding,  perhaps actually ashamed to say that ‘yes’ we look after the kids while our partners go to work and earn the money.

But it is time for us to get out of the house and into society so we can all learn from each other and develop friendships for ourselves and our kids. Let’s develop a strong support network for us men who are trying to raise children full time.

It can be an isolating time but you are not alone. There are heaps of us!

I can’t tell you how refreshing it has been to talk to other dads (stay at home dads in particular) and share the unique challenges and points of view that come with being a man in a woman’s world and the best way to do this is to meet up with other dads and their kids on a regular basis

So if you are a stay at home dad, or you know one who could do with a bit of adult company from time to time then please register interest via the contacts page. Make sure you include your contact details, preferred day and suburb ( child’s age may be helpful too).

The groups that are currently up and running are listed on the ‘support’ page but as it is all in it’s embryonic stages please feel free to volunteer and start one up in your own area or if you already have one that is not listed then please let us know about it.

Just pick a day and a time, and think of a good spot (park or playground etc) where you could get together for a BBQ or a coffee with other dads in your area and let the kids run around together. If it is a nice day then outside is always good.

One thing I have noticed is that men and women talk about parenting differently. A dads’ and kids’ social group might just turn out to be the best thing you have done for a while and just what we have all been missing out on.

Come on! (Lleyton Hewitt)


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