Potty Training Adventures Part 5

Our little one has progressed marvelously since my last entry on the potty training subject. She now uses the big toilet all by herself, wipes her own bottom and doesn’t even need to let us know anymore.

In addition if she makes a mess she cleans it up with the toilet bush and disinfectant and when she is done with that she even cooks dinner and cleans the house. We just sit around and watch TV. Can you believe that ! We really have done an excellent job…

Back in reality we are not even close. The closest she has come to using the damn thing is, as I mentioned earlier, as a hat. It also makes an excellent pretend bath for her stuffed toys and a pretty good car but as there are no wheels she can’t travel very far in it.

We have even tried to place the potty in areas where we know she likes to squat in her nappy (e.g. in a closet and behind the bedroom door) but to no avail. The preferred option for the toilet is still the bathtub or the nappy so obviously at this point in time we encourage the nappy.

When on the change table she does however say “Potty-poo”
“Yes darling, potty-poo”
“Potty poo potty poo potty poo potty poo potty poo”
“Do you need to do a poo?” we ask expectantly.
“Would you like to use the potty?”
“Would you like to sit on the potty?”
“Isn’t the potty nice?”
“Would you like to sit on the potty with your nappy on?”
“Won’t it be good when you don’t have to wear a nappy anymore?”
“Do you really need to do a poo?”
“Would you like to play with your toys?”

Patiently waiting……

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  1. Tina says:

    Very funny!! Hope you’ve had some success since…

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