Stay At Home Dad – Where Is Your Mum Part 2

Just to let you all know that this stay at home dad wasn’t being oversensitive or paranoid in regards to my “Where is your Mum” post. I wasn’t really planning to do anything about it however last time when I went to the fruit shop I decided to confront the lady when she again asked my daughter ‘”Where is Mummy?”

‘Why do you always ask her that?” I said to her.
“What do you mean?” she replied.
“Well we come in here every week and every week you ask my child the same question over and over again. Where is mummy, where is mummy, where is mummy? Mummy is at work where she is every time we come here. You know it, I know it and my daughter knows it. What’s the deal?”

I think that she was a little shocked at the direct nature of my question.

“Oh,” she says, visibly reddening with embarrassment.” I am only having a joke and I don’t mean anything bad by it.” Which basically means that she is having a joke at my expense and that she does mean something bad by it.

“You are married with kids right ?” I ask her.
“Yes” she says.
“And you both work?”
“Does your husband ever cook for you?”
“No way”
“Does he ever clean the house for you?”
“Not a chance”
“So he looks after the kids then?”
“So you both work all day and then you go home and have to do all the housework as well?”
“Oh, I understand then” I reply and with that I left.

I have been back to the shop twice since then and always at the same time on the same day and the lady is nowhere to be seen. I even asked about her last week as we used to get on quite well before all this rubbish started and I was told that she was out the back somewhere. I am sure she is avoiding me. Good. It just goes to show that those attitudes are still out there.

Watch out stay at home dads….

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