The Soap Box

Hello all,

I’ve set up a new page to act as a kind of forum for any thing that you might want to say.

Let’s call it The Soap Box.

It’s not a forum in the true sense of the word as the responses will not be immediate. Think of it more like snail mail to the universe. You never know what you might get back?

Sometimes it feels good to get it out there and it can be interesting to see what everyone else thinks (trust me I know!). Maybe you are not going mad after all?

It doesn’t have to be limited to parental ponderings. It can be anything that you want to or need to say or even just something you want to ask the world.

One of the many things that I have learnt on this journey is how surprising the variation of opinion on any particular topic is so don’t be afraid, let’s hear yours!

You never know – you might be on to something?

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One Response to The Soap Box

  1. Christian Rene Friborg says:

    Glad you’ve thought of this idea. Great work, buddy. I’m a first-time dad and I can’t wait to see different advice from daddies out there!

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